The tattoo series – Part II

If memory serves me right, it was roughly four to five months after my first tattoo when I got my second. Some people may consider that a little hasty, but I had been thinking of the concept of my second tattoo for just as long as my first, if not longer. It, too, is considered by most to be nothing more than a geeked-out fan boy tattoo. I guess it is to a degree, but it does hold a deeper meaning that maybe only I can understand but I’ll give explaining it a shot.

My second tattoo was done in a much more classic location – my left bicep/shoulder. This tattoo was funny in that the artist grossly underestimated  how long it would take to complete. I was booked in for an hour only to be told it was finished two and a half hours later.

The tattoo itself is of a proton pack – yes, the ghost catching equipment used by the lead characters in the movie Ghostbusters. This movie has been my favourite movie since my brain developed enough to hang on to memories. Although the tattoo often gets mistaken for an “engine” or “some kind of transformer”, the tattoo is actually extremely detailed and receives many compliments from those who know where it’s from.

So what exactly is beneath the surface of this tattoo? What could having a proton pack tattoo mean other than that I’m a gigantic loser?

True love.1720267-proton_pack

The proton pack is my own personal symbol for that.

I’ve had more relationships from the age of 17 to the date of getting this tattoo than I’d care to admit to. I moved from girl to girl, not finding exactly what I wanted or growing tired of what was offered. Change is inevitable. I don’t want to say that I became jaded, but I became jaded. It seems strange to my current self, but back then I genuinely was looking for relationship that would last. But nothing ever did. I started to wonder if anyone or anything was capable of keeping my interest and attention forever.

And from the beginning, there was this movie.

Things change, people especially, but there was always this one constant in my life that I could fall back on. I had, and still have, such a bond with this movie. It shaped a massive part of my personality and, like any healthy relationship, we grew and evolved together. I appreciated it as a child and as I grew older, so did that appreciation.

I’m sure we’ve all had one of those relationships that started so great and then became so stale. This film, as tacky as the reasoning may sound, represents the fact that some relationships are capable of lasting forever. You can love something infinitely. Eternally. Something can remain important to you forever. You can literally wear your heart on your sleeve – and that pun is most definitely intended.

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  1. There’s something strange in the neighborhood. Who you gonna call?

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