Suburban homesick alien

It’s been one-year since my writing resurgence. I figured that I’d have more published posts by now but I’ve got to say that I’m quite proud of the ones I’ve done so far. I’m also proud of the fact that I was able to pull myself away from Netflix, who recently added the entirety of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, long enough to write a new one.

To date, excluding this one, I’ve written 15 posts. Now, that only adds up to 1.25 posts-per-month but that’s more than the whopping zero-per-month that I was writing two years ago. Collectively these posts have garnered 2,331 views. That averages out to 155.4 views-per-post. Now, I only know about seven people so that means a lot of my posts were found via web searches and word of mouth. It may not seem like a lot, but for a guy who doesn’t advertise past his own social media, this 155.4 views is, again, more than zero.

So this is how far I’ve come. Ironically it was today in which I truly felt my first pangs of missing the city of Toronto. It was for all the small reasons. It was my old regular used book store in which I found two rare items to add to my collection. It was the plethora of options of where to eat and then just ending up at the same old place. It was the ability to walk aimlessly and find anything you wanted and then being OK with the fact of finding nothing at all. It was the damn fine cup of coffee.


I spent all day walking in the sun spinning yarns with my old room mate and before we knew it the day was done. The strange part was having to head separate ways afterwards.

So I took the train home and I missed my stop. When you miss your stop in Toronto you laugh at yourself, call yourself an idiot, and walk the few blocks back – enjoying the sights and sounds along the way. When you miss your stop in Mississauga you feel like a bag of shit. You call a cab because you’re too far from home and there are only so many cookie-cutter houses and “Smart Centres” you can walk by before realizing how culture-less your home is. Then you start feeling home sick for a place like Toronto, that was never really your home in the first place.

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